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Agatha Partyka

Maggie Chair, 2017, Agatha Partyka, found steel chair frame, scoria, concrete, formwork, audio stories

Agatha Partyka

Maggie Chair, 2017, found steel chair frame, scoria, concrete, formwork, audio stories

This project asks whether an awareness of stories can instigate deeper ethical consideration, or motivate stronger empathy to our world—both human and non-human—by the act of slowing down to listen...

Carrying forward stories heard during my Architecture Master's project, which focused on the cultural and geological tensions of the Victorian Volcanic Plains, the project presents four distinct narratives: scoria as a building material; the Koolik (Three) Sisters {The Anakies}; found form; and production as a sensuous discovery first, and efficacious process in reversed gravity second.

This project engages in active participation in the creation of geological and cultural histories implicit in the process of designing, making and consuming, by forging together the material of these stories into an object, the Maggie Chair, presented as a sequence of creation in time...

Agatha Partyka produces work that brings together stories of people, place, found material, product and precedent in empathetic harmony, seeking to illuminate the living movement of truth and ethics by the colliding expression of these stories in object and building. Her work examines mechanisms of translation; how ideas and essences can be transmuted in efficacy through language, gesture and form; and how agreements can be made on the criteria of sensual intuition of material, analogy, and through alternate ways of perceiving time. She is also fascinated by duck rabbits.

Since graduating from Master of Architecture at RMIT University in 2016 with her 'Two Sisters' major project (supervised by Peter Brew and Simone Koch), Agatha has begun working on several collaborative projects, which includes joining 'While the Hour', a deep time collective, who begin their work at an artist's residency at Testing Grounds in February 2017.