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Benjamin Sheppard

Not just a Leadbeater (Ceremonial Robe 2076), 2017, Benjamin Sheppard paper, biro

Benjamin Sheppard

Not just a Leadbeater (Ceremonial Robe 2076), 2017, common biro on paper

What has come before that we are unaware of? How much of our social and natural history has been forgotten by time or written falsely by the ‘victor’? Is it even important to remember the trauma of deeds passed that have allowed for the comforts of the present? Our everyday choices, systems of governance and the leaders we elect deserve scrutiny. Complacency on social and environmental issues can build over time until the systems of order, so dependent on their own structure, become increasingly difficult to change. Not just a Leadbeater (Ceremonial Robe 2076) asks what sort of governance will the future support, and what sort of sacrifices will be made to support that system from this point onwards?

A current RMIT PhD candidate, he holds a BFA with honours from the Victorian College of the Arts and teaches across institutions in contemporary art with an emphasis on drawing practice. Benjamin is held in collections in Australia, the UK, France and Italy and is the founding member of Ways and Means—an experimental, collaborative drawing project. Working across the broad field of contemporary drawing practice, he co-opts the principles of the discipline to subtly explore the perspectival nature of the human attitude.

Detail: Not just a Leadbeater (Ceremonial Robe 2076), 2017, Benjamin Sheppard, paper, biro