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Caroline Pattle

Radiant Stage, 2017, Caroline Pattle, ethylene vinyl acetate, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and wool.

Caroline Pattle

Radiant Stage, 2017, ethylene vinyl acetate, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, wool

Radiant Stage imagines the transformation of our plastic detritus into a diverse radiation of lifeforms able to thrive in a world toxic to humankind. 

The textile suite centers on the biological characteristics that might develop in the evolution of our refuse; features such as porous skin, tissue generation, predator defence, protective hair and reproductive capacities.

These specimens are produced using processes chosen to mimic the extreme climactic conditions of a future Earth, with low grade household plastics perforated or fused at high temperatures to create new forms of inanimate life.

Radiant Stage places our own lifecycle within the much longer context of our material legacy.

Caro Pattle’s practice concerns itself with notions of materiality and life cycles. Through process-driven experimentation with appropriated textiles, Caro seeks to test the boundaries of an organic/inorganic binary and interrogate the values placed on materials. Of particular interest to Caro’s practice are transformative, state-changing textiles and intersections between mass-production and craft. Caro completed a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Fine Arts at The Tasmanian School of Art in 2009 and is currently undertaking the second year of a Bachelor of Textile Design with a study focused on woven textiles.