A new era of fashion

Lauralai Wilson

Mytilus, 2017, Lauralai Wilson, Ilmenite sand, silicone, cotton, Mytilus shell          

Mytilus materials

Top: Nautilus, 2017, Lauralai Wilson, Silicone, mica powder, Nautilus shell, cotton, pearls; Bottom: Mica, 2017, Lauralai Wilson, Mica, silicone, mica powder, cotton

 Mica materials

Lauralai Wilson

Mica, 2017, Mica, silicone, mica powder, cotton  
Nautilus, 2017, Silicone, mica powder, Nautilus shell, cotton, pearls  
Mytilus, 2017, Ilmenite sand, silicone, cotton, Mytilus shell          

These works explore the relationship between the organic and synthetic. I use fragments of natural materials such as crystal and shell to create sequined surfaces, and stain liquid silicone with minerals and sand. Using embroidery rather than traditional jewellery joining techniques I hope to establish fluidity between traditional fashion and contemporary jewellery in an attempt to create an ambiguity  of materials and their origins.

Lauralai is a jewellery and object maker living and working in Melbourne. She graduated from the RMIT BAFA in Object based Practice in 2016. Her practice currently focuses on contemporary jewellery, led by considered explorations of stone, sand, silicone and silver along with adaptations of raw minerals, and alterations of surface and form through chemical synthesis. Her practice aims to dispel the lacklustre nature of routine, to provide the viewer or wearer with a  temporary escapism and a connection to the otherworld present in their psyche,  imagination or memory. In essence her work is a scavenging of the fictitious debris of imaginary landscapes.    

Nautilus materials