A new era of fashion

Pie Bolton

All sipping lava tea, 2017, Pie Bolton, cups and saucers by IKEA, pebbles by Bunnings, hexagonal basalt column by Earth


All sipping lava tea, 2017, cups and saucers by IKEA, pebbles by Bunnings, hexagonal basalt column by Earth

This work references the continual purchase of material goods and addresses the anthropocentric pressure exerted on the earth by mining and manufacture. Fashionable trend marketing drives consumers to change basic kitchen crockery on a seasonal basis and even extends into the garden with decor pebbles coated in wax to make them more attractive for purchase. Using cups from IKEA and pebbles from Bunnings as metaphors for consumerism I merge the two with intense heat, mimicking the geological forces at play which initially sourced the two components. In this work the pebbles begin to split and melt depending on their mineralogical composition, causing them to alter geologically and the cups to distort and slip on their melted glazes. Geologically the earth is forever dynamically changing but for most of the population this process is imperceptible. This work contrasts lithic fragments from deep time, which are millions of years old, and artefacts from shallow human time to highlight the continual activity of the earth and the fleeting nature of humanity and poses the question—what is really disposable?

Pie Bolton’s process driven practice explores the human/geological interface by contrasting deep and shallow temporalities and encourages awareness of material agency. She aims to narrow the distance between the geologic and the biologic by instilling objects with an energetic vibrancy through reanimation by alteration. Her simulation of geological processes, unexpected coupling of elements, rearranging and twisting the preconceived are her mechanisms for the interrogation of scientific ideas to support the environmental ‘anthropocene’ commentary running through her work. Pie holds tertiary qualifications in geology and ceramics and is an MFA candidate at RMIT University. Her practice is positioned in the intersection of science and art, specifically referencing new materiality.

All sipping lava tea process