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Crumbling Reverie .jpeg

Sharon Mcentee

Crumbling Reverie, 2016, Sharon McEntee,  copper mesh, plastic beads, cotton thread

Sharon Mcentee

Crumbling Reverie, 2016, copper mesh, plastic beads, cotton thread

Through the progress of urban transformation, a path of destruction leaves forgotten histories in its wake. Human and industrial activity has impacted the environment to such an extent that it has altered the trajectory of the climactic system. This in turn has wider implications for the environment that can result in ruinous consequences for communities and individuals.

Crumbling Reverie, with its tumbling brick-like forms is symbolic of loss and the overlooked. It references human displacement and the loss of a sense of community caused by decay and the destruction of housing from rising water levels caused by climate change. It provokes one to wonder if this trajectory is going to be temporal or irreversible.

Sharon McEntee’s art practice explores the transformation of urban landscapes that are haunted by obscurity and erasure. Urban transformation possesses a dual character as it involves destruction for growth. Sharon aims to build narratives around the overlooked and provoke dialogue addressing the impact human activity has on local and global environments. With her jewellery and small object making, Sharon seeks to uncover the nuances of the forgotten moments of urbanity by exploring the relationship between emptiness, fragility and temporality. Sharon completed a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) at RMIT in 2016 and is commencing the Honours year in 2017.