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Tara Milenkovic

Top to bottom: What I Thought I Saw 5, What I Thought I Saw 1, What I Thought I Saw 4, 2017, Tara Milenkovic, photographic print on Platine Fibre Rag, 792 x 1193mm

Tara Milenkovic

What I Thought I Saw, 2017, photographic print on Platine Fibre Rag

What I Thought I Saw is a photographic exploration that observes the natural, organic world and our relationship to it. This series seeks to reflect humanity’s ability to detach from the natural world by becoming mere observers, seeing, as if in a dream-state, only what is convenient to us - much to the detriment of our fragile environment. Colour, light and focus is abstracted in an attempt to echo the natural world, exposing the impact of our (often skewed) perception of it.

Tara Milenkovic’s visual art practice stems from her innate sense of curiosity of the world and the role ‘perception’ plays in it. Through this exploration, Tara seeks to create new ways of seeing, by abstracting and deconstructing the familiar, as well as the mundane, in an effort to examine how the manipulation of light, colour, space and focus can alter what we see, how we see it and how we respond.

Tara is completing the final year of her BFA in Fine Art Photography at RMIT University. She hopes to further develop her visual art practice by continuously pushing the boundaries of perception; encouraging audiences to ask questions, yet allowing the freedom of unresolved answers.